Dog Ear Partnership for Reading and Representation

Dog Ear Books and the River Valley Adult Learning Alliance Partner to Bring Books to Community Events and Little Free Libraries


River Valley Adult Learning Alliance: 479-957-0551

Dog Ear Books: 


The River Valley Adult Learning Alliance is excited to partner with Dog Ear Books to provide books for Family Literacy programs in Franklin, Johnson, Logan, Pope and Yell Counties.

The book titles are selected to provide families with stories that speak to a diversity of regional experiences and ensure kids see themselves represented in the titles. Dog Ear Books has ordered the titles and made them available for purchase for this program. Community members can purchase any of the titles from Dog Ear Books, and the books are then donated to families and children through a series of partnerships with  local school systems and civic groups. In Yell County, the Alliance will be working closely with Yell County Junior Auxiliary. The Alliance is actively seeking partnerships in other counties.

Can you help? Just call up Dog Ear Books, tell them you want to buy a book and/ordonate to this program, tell them the amount, and they’ll take your donation! Dog Ear Books: 


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